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Age Verification


Since 1st October 2015, selling CBD, e cigs or any other vape related product is illegal to anyone under the age of 18. We have never allowed the sale of our products to minors, however, to make sure we continue to follow the law, we perform an age verification check on all of our customers. This prevents anyone under the age of 18 from receiving an order.

This rule applies to all products on our website, including CBD, zero nicotine e liquid, charging cables and vape coils. By purchasing from us you agree to allow us to verify your age.


When you first create an account with us, you have to include some information. It is important to make sure that the account details entered match your registered address, for example, where you are on the electoral register. To keep things as simple as possible, make sure that you have entered the correct info below:

  • Full name as per driver’s license or passport
  • Correct date of birth
  • Correct billing address
  • Correct email address 

As long as you have all of this and are of legal vaping age (18+), you should be able to place your order without any issue.

When you make your first purchase, our third party age verification partner (Veratad), will perform a check on the information you have provided.

If there are any errors found, such as an incorrect name, DOB or billing address, then the order may be placed on hold and you will be asked to provide more information.

When you order with us, you give consent to have Veratad use your data for the sole purpose of age verification.


When placing your first order with us, our third party age verification partner (Veratad) will perform a check on the information provided.

If it can match your date of birth, billing address and full name, then it will approve the order for shipment.

If you have entered any incorrect information, it will flag this up as a failed check. Once this happens, your order will be put on hold, and an email will be sent to request some additional information so we can process your order.

We may then request a form of photo ID, such as a driver’s license, passport etc. 

Any data you provide us will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

Once you have passed the age verification, your order will be shipped out and you will not have to take any further action on future orders.