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Multi Buy Halo Up E-Liquid

Multi Buy Halo Up E-Liquid

The full range of Multi Buy Halo Up E Liquid, available right now from the UK's favourite vape juice online shop.


Browse our range below to find the best e-liquid flavours available for use in electronic cigarettes.


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Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1811
Inspired by the taste of a well known American cigarette, this classic tobacco e-liquid will satisfy the palate of even the pickiest tobacco vaper. Its balanced, rich profile is ideal for vapers used to stronger tobacco, and mixes perfectly with toffee or caramel flavours if you prefer a slightly sw..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1812
This fresh, juicy flavour is the perfect blend of summery fruit notes, with a crisp green apple top note on the inhale and mellow apricot on the exhale. The combination of fruits is deliciously complex, and you'll love the hint of warm sweetness on the middle of the tongue. UK Made and Tested by Ha..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1750
If you loved BlackJack sweets as a child, then this flavour is for you. BlackJack Twist delivers the delicious, full-bodied taste of aniseed with subtle notes of sherbet on the exhale, and is smooth and easy to vape. This flavour is sweet, unique, and guaranteed to make you feel a little nostalgic. ..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1813
With a darker, riper profile than many of the more candy-sweet blueberry flavours on the market, Blueberry Burst blends the taste of European blueberries and bilberries for a classic fruits of the forest flavour. Specially formulated for vapers who love fruit flavours, this e-liquid perfectly balanc..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1814
This fun bubblemint flavour combines the sweetness of tutti frutti with the coolness of mint for a vape that will leave your mouth feeling fresh. With fruity flavours on the inhale and lingering spearmint on the exhale, Bubble Trouble is a mild, sweet flavour that is ideal for everyday vaping. UK M..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1815
The mix of nutty and fruity flavours in this traditional British pudding makes for a delicious e-liquid, and our Cherry Bakewell expertly replicates everyone's favourite sweet treat. With a top note of juicy cherry against a light almond background, this balanced flavour is as moreish as the real th..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1752
Our Classic Virginia e-liquid delivers the quintessential taste of hand-rolled tobacco, and boasts a complex oriental flavour profile that discerning vapers will love. Its deep, spicy flavours work fantastically with the brighter, zesty top notes, and give the overall impression of an aromatic, sun-..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1816
Like drinking a lightly sugared cup of rich morning coffee, this sophisticated flavour is a welcome start to the day. A well-grounded blend of warm, aromatic notes, Coffee Cream delivers a light wafer taste on the inhale, and a touch of Irish cream on the exhale that's sure to perk up your taste bud..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1817
This complex flavour is one for the fruit connoisseurs, as it evolves on the tongue to reveal a delicious blend of notes. Fruit Fusion has a sweeter citrus inhale that develops into a bolder kiwi tone on the exhale, which lingers in the aftertaste. This e-liquid delivers a full mouth feel, with thic..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1818
With its zesty blast of citrus notes and effervescent sherbet tones, Lemon Fizz is a bright, tangy flavour that perfectly treads the line between sharp and sweet. If you like the fizzy sourness of lemon sherbet sweets, then you'll enjoy the lively taste of this classic e-liquid. UK Made and Tested ..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1819
 Like a perfectly ripe mango, this mellow flavour is smooth and intriguingly creamy. Unlike some sharper fruit flavours, the soft, rounded finish of Manic Mango gives it a enjoyable mouth feel, and the sunny flavour profile makes for an easy, everyday vape. UK Made and Tested by Halo Co UK with Pha..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1751
Need to wake up your taste buds? Take a deep breath of this cooling flavour, which will leave your whole mouth tingling its with icy taste and smooth texture. One of our more extreme flavours, Menthol Blast is a great way add a bit of kick to your vaping experience. UK Made and Tested by Halo Co UK..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1979
Knee deep in nostalgia and perfectly delicious, Halo Pear Drops E-Liquid may be even better than the real thing! The soft fruity sweetness ‘peared’ with that familiar sherbert tang will keep you going back to till it’s all gone… Just don’t get caught with your hand in the jar! UK Made and Tested by..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1977
Send your taste buds on holiday with this toe tappingly tropical addition to the Halo line up. UK Made and Tested by Halo Co UK with Pharma Grade Ingredients. Vapour Me UK is one of the Main UK Suppliers of all that is available for the Vapour Cigarettes and E Cigs Market World wide...
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1753
One of our most popular flavours, this e-liquid perfectly encapsulates a dry, light and aromatic tobacco blend. With its full-bodied and distinguished flavour profile, this is the ideal choice for vapers who love the classic taste of tobacco and are used to smoking medium-strength cigarettes. UK Ma..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1820
The next best thing to drinking cocktails on a tropical beach, Pure Passion delivers a vape that's bursting with authentic passion fruit notes. This mouthwatering e-liquid is an intense shot of juicy fruit flavour, and will flood your mouth with the tart, tangy taste of natural passion fruit. UK Ma..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1821
Unlike more synthetic blue raspberry flavours, Raspberry Crush is true to the delicious taste of fresh berries. Like a sweet, sharp raspberry coulis, this natural-tasting flavour will immediately put you in mind of summer puddings and freshly-made compote. Its refreshing menthol overtones and cool e..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1822
This delicious minty flavour is creamier and sweeter than traditional menthol e-liquids, but will still leave your mouth feeling pleasantly clean and fresh. As it's such a good palate cleanser, Spearmint Breeze is the perfect e-liquid to enjoy after a meal, and is an excellent flavour to share with ..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1823
One for vapers who love the sweeter things in life, Summer Strawberry is a deliciously sweet e-liquid reminiscent of strawberry candy. This candy-coated flavour is full of strong fruity notes on the inhale, but mellows out into a lighter, fresher taste on the exhale, making it an all-round crowd-ple..
Brand: Halo UK E-Liquids Model: 1824
Like an ice-cream sundae in an e-liquid, this indulgent flavour has a deep and creamy vanilla background note with top notes of biscuity wafer. As well as its sweet taste, the velvety mouth feel of this smooth vape only makes the vanilla flavour even more luxurious. UK Made and Tested by Halo Co UK..
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